Across June and July of 2005, I held what I optimistically called
The First Ocular Trauma Competition. To enter, you just had to draw one or more comics and send them in. Each entrant then had an equally random chance of winning the prize, a CD by Ruslana, she who'd just won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine in May of that year. The reason I chose a winner at random rather than subjectively was because I wanted any reader to be able to enter, not just people who could draw. Though as I've pointed out on this site's About page, plenty of of people didn't think I could draw.

I forget how I shared the competition entries with readers. All at once? Over a month? In any case, I ended up with eighteen of them, and you'll find them in the gallery below. In the case of the signed ones, you'll know who made them. In the case of the unsigned ones, sometimes even I don't remember who made them.